A Tale of Strawberries

We went to a local farm years ago and found some beautifully pumpkin shaped strawberries. The multi-layers leaves with sawtooth rim caught our attention too. The strawberries just reminded me of a beautiful ballerina dancing in her cute ruffled skirt. My daughter, an elementary student at the time, wrote me a cute tale of the strawberries ……

周末和朋友一起去附近的果园采草莓. 那天是果园的草莓节. 在连着一周的阴雨之后, 终于得了一个艳阳高照, 却还清风席席的周末. 去果园采草莓踏春的人络绎不绝, 大家腑身一丝不苟地挑选采摘, 空气中洋溢着草莓的清香和一份静静的热闹.

自己在果园里亲自采摘的草莓和超市买来的当然不一样. 是怎样的不一样, 你一定能猜得出想得到. 可是我当时总觉得还有一点什么特别的地方. 回到家, 对着草莓琢磨了好一会儿, 才终于发现:

这草莓的形状, 居然是一棱一棱的, 象南瓜一般. 仔细看看, 连托着草莓的叶片, 也是层层迭迭的, 像重瓣樱的花朵.

总觉得这挺神奇的, 继续琢磨着. 突然想到这草莓地, 秋天的时侯是块南瓜田. 难道这其中, 还有内在的联系?

之后, 女儿写了一段草莓的传说送给了我 ......

A Tale of Strawberries in the Pumpkin Patch by 一揽

There once was a very poor farmer in New England. Every year, he planted pumpkins. Fields and fields of pumpkins. But every year, this farmer’s pumpkins rotted, were too small, or just never became ripe. One year, the farmer planted even more pumpkins, feeling that this would be a good year. But a sprout never came up at all. The farmer waited and waited; all while doing various jobs for other people so he could feed himself, his wife, four children, and their animals. Even in the summer, not a single sprout came up. The farmer did see some weeds though, but he didn’t bother to pull them. In fact, the farmer was so desperate that he just left them there so he could hope they were pumpkins. But of course, he knew they weren’t. Thank goodness no one had to pay debt, taxes or interest back then, or else the farmer would have been kicked out of his house and his property a long time ago and this wouldn’t be happening. Or rather had happened. A long harsh winter passed. The farmer didn’t plant any more seeds because he couldn’t afford it. He watched the field as the weeds kept growing. To the farmer’s amazement, the weeds were growing in the exact formation as the pumpkins from last year. The weeds also started to grow flowers and berries. The farmer didn’t dare touch his new “weeds”, which berries were beginning to become red. One day, the farmer could wait no longer. He went down to the field and plucked a berry. It was red and pumpkin shaped. It was a pumpkin shaped strawberry! But how was that possible? A few years ago, a strawberry plague wiped out all the strawberries in town and everyone who ate one. The farmer feared that if he tried to sell them, no one would buy them because of the plague. So the farmer renamed his strawberries “pumpkinreds”. Of course, the people who bought the new pumpkinreds weren’t stupid. They knew what they were getting, but for some reason, people weren’t afraid of strawberries anymore. They bought like crazy, and the farmer became richer and richer. He bought more land and planted other things. Nowadays, Lynna Orchards is famous for its apples, not strawberries, but if you look hard, you can still see some pumpkin shaped strawberries.