Azuki Bean Ice Cream Bar - 红豆雪糕

Azuki Bean Ice cream Bar - 红豆雪糕 -- I love this ice cream bar since I was a little kid. Now I rarely eat any ice cream as an adult but this one is an exception. I still love it, eat it, and even make it myself. The advantage of making my own is that I can add much more Azuki Beans than the store bought ones. Luckily it is pretty easy to make. I just need a bowl of my favorite vanilla ice cream, dried azuki bean (红豆) , water, sugar, and ice cream bar mold.

Azuki Bean Ice Cream Bar



vanilla ice cream (store bought)

dried azuki bean (红豆): 1 cup

water: 4 cups

sugar: 1/2 cup

ice cream bar mold: a dozen


  1. In a pot, add in azuki bean and water, cook with high heat, bring water to boil. Turn heat to low, cook for 30 minutes (or longer) until the beans turn very soft.

  2. Drain out the excessive liquid as much as possible.

  3. Add in sugar to your taste. Mix well.

  4. Let ice cream sit in room temperature for 10 minutes or so. Then add in the cooked azuki bean, mix well.

  5. Then distribute the mixture evenly to each mold.

  6. Freeze overnight.

  7. Before serving, leave it in room temperature for a few minutes or run it under tap water. This will help with releasing the bar from the mold.