Sweet and Sour Spareribs [ 糖醋排骨 ]

September 18, 2016

Dinner Menu Planning - *Sweet and Sour Spareribs [ 糖醋排骨]*  &  *Tofu Soup with Watercress [ 西洋菜豆腐羹 ]*


Sweet and Sour Spareribs is a hearty and rich dish that can easily feed a hungry stomach after a long-day’s hard work. Since cooking this dish produces some stock which is a good base for soups, I make a Tofu Soup with Watercress to pair with the ribs.  In this way, I can fully utilize the ingredients and my time, which make my life more efficient.


In addition, the Sweet and Sour Spareribs can be served either hot as a main course or served cold as a mouth-watering appetizer and goes-great-with-cold-beer type of dish.   For this reason, it’s a great dish both to bring to your dinner table or take to a pot-luck party.  


Check my next post for Tofu Soup with Watercress [ 西洋菜豆腐羹 ]







  • 排骨: 2.5磅半(10整根的量)

  • 盐1大勺,姜2片,葱2根,花椒1小勺

  • 酒1大勺

  • 2大勺水, 6大勺糖,4大勺番茄酱 (Ketchup), 0.5小勺盐

  • 4-5 大勺苹果醋

  • 熟芝麻1大勺 (烤制方法见下)



  1. 准备两只不锈钢汤锅,各加入6杯水,置炉头烧开。

  2. 将排骨放入一只锅中,待水重新烧开,煮两分钟左右。将排骨用漏勺逐一捞出,注意撇去浮沬脏物,转入另一只烧开的锅中。

  3. 锅中加入盐1大勺,姜2片,葱2根,花椒1小勺。

  4. 待水重新沸腾,加入1大勺洒

  5. 转中小火,继续煮30 至40分钟,至排骨肉收缩两头骨头脱出,关火。。捞出排骨,盛盘,漓干。

  6. 捞出排骨汤中的姜,葱,花椒, 丢弃。排骨汤留作它用。(例如可以用来做西洋菜豆腐羹

  7. 另起一锅,锅中加油,至6,7成热,放入排骨,炸至表面微黄(炸排骨时一定要注意安全)。沥油装盘备用。

  8. 锅內加2大勺水,6大勺糖,4大勺番茄酱(Ketchup), 0.5小勺盐, 小火熬出糖色。

  9. 加入炸过的排骨, 翻炒至糖色均匀裹在排骨上。

  10. 加入苹果醋4大勺,翻炒均匀。

  11. 最后起锅前可以再加1大勺苹果醋,翻炒均匀。起锅。

  12. 装盘, 洒上熟芝麻。

  13. 冷食热食皆宜。



  • 烤箱预热至350F.

  • 烤盘上铺上铝箔纸,芝麻平铺在铝箔纸上,烤4-6 分钟至芝麻变黄,发散出香味。

  • 随时查看,避免烤糊。 一旦烤好, 立即从烤箱中取出。

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