Winter Melon Soup with Kelp & Okra

December 30, 2016

Party Menu Planning:  

* Sweet and Sour Spareribs [ 糖醋排骨 ]  + * Winter Melon Soup with Kelp & Okra 【冬瓜海带秋葵汤】


As I mentioned in my previous post, Sweet and Sour Spareribs [ 糖醋排骨 ] can be served either hot as a main course or served cold as a mouth-watering appetizer and goes-great-with-cold-beer type of dish. Perfect for a party.  You can cook it ahead of time and serve at the party without a hassle.  


Winter Melon Soup with Kelp & Okra 【冬瓜海带秋葵汤】 is light and tasty that balances the richness of the ribs.


There is another reason that I’d like to cook these two dishes at the same time: the bone broth from the spareribs dish is the perfect flavor base for the winter melon soup.  When you already have the broth on hand, a pot of delicious winter melon soup is just a couple steps away.   















Winter Melon Soup with Kelp & Okra 【冬瓜海带秋葵汤】 



Ingredients (suggested quantity, adjust according to your own reference)


  • Winter Melon: 1 pound, cut off and discard rind from winter melon, remove and discard seeds, then cut melon into 1-inch cubes 

  • Dried shiitake mushrooms: 6, soak in warm water for half an hour, squeeze out of water, destalk.

  • Dried kelp:  1 piece, soak in warm water for half an hour, cut into small pieces

  • Okra: 20, destalks, cut half lengthwise.

  • Bone broth: 2 cups

  • Water: 2 cups

  • Vegetable oil: 2 tsp

  • Salt: to your taste




  1. Make bone broth (check here for the cooking method, take steps 1-6): Broth can be made 5 days ahead and cooled completely, uncovered, then chilled, covered. Remove any solidified fat before using.)

  2. Heat up a soup pot, add two teaspoons of vegetable oil, add in mushrooms, turn to low heat, slowly fry until golden brown.

  3. Add stock and water, bring to a boil.

  4. Add seaweed, bring to a simmer, continue cooking for 5 minutes.

  5. Add winter melon cubes, bring to boil. continue cooking for 5 to 10 minutes, until the melons turn transparent and soft.

  6. Add okra, bring to boil, continue cooking for 3 to 5 minutes.

  7. Add salt to your taste.  Serve hot.






材料 (所有材料为建议量, 可根据自己的喜好来调整)


冬瓜:1 块(一磅左右)

干香菇:6 只。用温水浸泡半小时或至完全泡发,冼净,挤干,去蒂。备用。

干海带:1 条,用温水浸泡半小时,冼净,切成小块


排骨高汤:2 杯

水:2 杯

蔬菜油: 2小勺




  1. 制作排骨高汤 (方法见此,步骤1-6)

  2. 汤锅置火头上,烧至中热,加入两小勺蔬菜油。放入香菇,转小火,慢慢煎至淡金黄色。

  3. 加入高汤与水,转大火,烧开。

  4. 加入海带,烧开,转中小火,煮5分钟。

  5. 加入冬瓜,转大火,烧开。转中火,煮5至10分钟,直至冬瓜透明,变软,至自己喜欢的软度。

  6. 加入秋葵,转大火,烧3至5分钟。

  7. 加入适量的盐调味。

  8. 起锅,食用。




  • 这道菜,非常简单。主要提供一个思路。


  • 秋葵是这道家常菜式的新亮点。秋葵入汤,色泽碧绿。口感滑顺,又不会过于粘腻。清炒秋葵的口感过于粘腻,我一直不是特别喜欢这种蔬菜。入汤成菜之后,秋葵成了我的大爱。


  • 这道菜,与糖醋排骨是个连环套。制作糖醋排骨时得的高汤,刚好可以利用,省时省力又增添鲜美。


  • 高汤可提前炖好, 冷却, 随时待用。冷却之后,浮油结在表面,可以非常容易地去处。


  • 这两样,是节日聚会晚餐的好选择。糖醋排骨是一道冷热都美味的菜肴,可以提前一天做好。聚会当时再煮汤。


  • 香菇先用油煎,可以大大提升香茹的口感和风味。


  • 这道菜,各种原料的份量都不严格,完全可以根据自己的喜好来调整。













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